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Partner With Us

More than just a product.

The Sepio Experience

Hands-On Sales Training

The number one request from sales agents and sales organizations is effective training that will help increase production. With our hands-on approach, we are the clear leader in the industry in offering training and coaching from the perspective of a sales agent. Let the professionals at Sepio come along side sales agents and sales managers to provide an interactive sales training process. There are other products out there that are just that…a product. The Sepio experience goes far beyond a product.

Sales Technology

The last thing a sales agent needs is complicated technology. We designed the Sepio mobile app and technology with the sales agent in mind. Not only is our sales technology easy to use, it will help increase productivity with our unique referral software and text messaging and email capabilities directly from the Sepio mobile app. For the first time ever in this space, customers can refer friends and family members with the one click. Sepio’s sales technology is yet another reason why there’s no other experience like the Sepio experience.

Customer Support

Plain and simple…customer support goes beyond being courteous. Due to the founders’ experience, Sepio understands the importance of providing the best customer support experience possible not just for the customer, but for all those who provide Away From Home Assurance as well. Responsiveness is key, care is vital, and quality is second to none. Sepio’s customer support is at the center of the Sepio experience.


Without keeping track of production, sales agents and organizations are left wondering what’s missing. With simple and effective reporting, best practices can be implemented faster and more effectively. Sepio applies this reporting in their regular training and strategy. Tracking results and explaining trends allows sales agents to feel the Sepio experience.

We’ve Designed an agent experience like never before. Submit Away From Home Assurance® sales with ease in our SepioPlus mobile app. Experience a fully interactive app with on-demand training.

Upgrade to our SepioPro mobile app to enjoy and array of benefits, rewards, analytics, and more.

Our Experience

The founders of Sepio spent nearly ten years working for one of the largest preneed companies in the industry where they managed the largest territory for that company. Within their territory was the largest privately owned funeral home and cemetery in the world where they increased sales revenue from 15 million dollars to nearly 55 million dollars. During this time they gained priceless insight on how to properly treat client families and how to effectively work along side and motivate sales agents, sales managers, and business owners. The founders saw first-hand the need to create a better all around experience in the Away From Home Assurance space. Everything has been built and executed with the overall user experience in mind.

Focusing on what we do best

Sepio Guard has an exclusive agreement with National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation (NMS). NMS has nearly 40 years of experience in helping hometown funeral directors with out of town deaths. They are the clear leader in the industry and have served hundreds of thousands of families over the years. The two companies feel that there is value in focusing on what they do best. Together Sepio and NMS provide an experience that is unmatched by any other in the industry.